November 22, 2014

[Beauty Review] Fleur De Mer products joining my favourite buckets!
It's Fleur De Mer ladies, and I think you need to know why I instantly hooked by this brand when I first tried it in Tokyo, during my meeting with the lovely people at Fleur De Mer Japan.

Fleur De Mer, originated from France, is the Amazing Osmosis as result of 30 years research!
They conduct the test using the moisture meter on every applicant, and the result shown that the hydration level boost up, up to 140% with this product!

It's like, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? right?

Because I myself, tried it, and I was amazed by the hydration effect on my skin.
It's unbelievable. Even by just trying the sample size for around 3 days, I can already feel the moisture lock in my skin, I wonder how awesome it will be if I use it in the long run?

I am not surprised by the response of media attention, most of them who tried it, loves it and they become a loyal user of the brand. Maybe you will too :)

Apart from the hydration effect, for those who has oily skin and worry that some cream will oxidize and cause a darker skin tone after few hours, fear not - this is as good as you first apply it, even after a good 8 hours.

Take a look on what people think about this brand:

Try it, so you can believe it! and when you do, don't miss this Cosme winning eye gel that works wonder on the eyes.

For youthful looking eyes without dryness, dark circles, or under-eye puffiness. Pelvetia canaliculata and guarana seed extracts result in firm, bright skin around the eyes.
First place in @cosme users’ product ranking: eye care & eye cream category 
In a customer survey (sample size of 80), 93% responded positively that they had experienced an effect on skin tightness and wrinkles. 
Gel-type formula, will not cause eye makeup to crease or run.
Contains guarana seed extract, promoting circulation and brightness in the eye area.
Contains pelvetia canaliculata extract, an oceanic plant which encourages the production of collagen and proteoglycan, preventing small wrinkles and slackness of the skin.
Do check the whole range out and HERE is the link for your purchase!
Believe me, you need to try it. 

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[Hotel Review] Royal Park Hotel - The Haneda

As you guys already know, I just recently came back from Japan and I stayed in awesome business hotel at Haneda Airport.

 Royal Park Hotel - The Haneda

To me, this is a simple straight forward hotel with a top notch service in a great location.

The concept of Royal Park Hotel - The Haneda is aviator.
Everything is based on Aeroplane, globe, and travel..which is make sense, because the location of the hotel is at Haneda airport.

My first impression of the lobby is very much about lifestyle, that creates stories about time, travel, and togetherness. Not very much on classy renaissance design, but very elegant in a glance.

The hallway reminds me of the road, journey that has no end. It's so awesome on how they incorporated the design according to the theme, yea?

This is their gorgeous suite :)
and as you can see they incorporate the travelling idea into the decoration, like globes over the wall and the center piece of the table too.
I like consistency :)

Isn't beautiful?

Below here is the room I stayed.
I must say I enjoyed my stay at the Double Room.

It's new, clean, and pretty spacious for Japan standard.
It's enough for me to unpack my two luggage comfortably. :) 

My highlight for the room is the bed and pillow. I am very particular when it comes to the luxury of sleep. By luxury, i mean quality of sleep. My bed need to be firm enough, but not too hard that it sore my back, and my pillow need to be as comfortable as home. In Royal Park Hotel- The Haneda, all checklist are ticked.

The rest of the things in the room is pretty simple and as what I expected.
Amenities are provided-but no sewing kit in it, the towels are changed daily, and so does the cotton bud. But do notice, they don't provide mineral water in the room unlike hotel in other countries, so I bought mine at 7-11 in the terminal.

 Like I said, they do have complete amenities for your stay, so not to worry if you left your toothbrush at home.

Next, The breakfast selection.

I picked my Japanese breakfast to start my day, it's light, healthy and not the typical breakfast I would get in Singapore, of course. Instead of Kaya toast, cereal or Bak Chor mee like my breakfast, I think I really enjoyed the salmon, tamago, the japanese kind of siumay, and the tofu with shredded daikon on top. 

I enjoyed it to the bit, leaving me feeling happy and healthy.

For those who fancy western kind of breakfast, worry not, because they have a wide range for you to choose as well.

But to me, the highlight is the Japanese breakfast as the following below:

The range of the breakfast buffet is pretty complete. I believe,  all guest surely leave this place with a happy tummy like I do.


On the 3rd day, I started my day with delicious tea time by Royal Park Hotel - The Haneda.
It's just a perfect day to have an afternoon tea. Me and le hubby enjoyed the moment and every serving of the lovely canapes :)

The sandwiches.

The sweet treat :)

The scones

The happy Elrica in The Royal Park Hotel - The Haneda

I will surely consider to stay in Royal Park Hotel - The Haneda again when I visited Japan again.
Especially if I am on short transit before heading to next destination, this hotel is perfect.

If you are feeling lazy by just thinking of dragging your suitcase all the way from Haneda to city, you know you need to stay in this hotel.

I recommend it.

you can book your stay HERE.

you are welcome!

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November 11, 2014

[Product Review] MOR collection

Established in 2001, MOR continually strives to be the pioneering creator of bath, body and lifestyle products with distinctive ranges admired globally by consumers and the beauty industry alike. 

MOR’s philosophy is to provide a unique sensory journey, where an everyday practice turns into an indulgent daily ritual - from the finely blended formulation, to the exceptionally detailed and opulent packaging. 

MOR invites to experience and surrender to the awakening of your senses, with the blending of old time ingredients, uniquely selected fragrances and luxuriously rich creations. Each collection is inspired by the tales of ancient civilisations, by-gone eras, travel, and art allowing the creation of a truly unique story, capturing and emanating a moment in time. 

 Welcome to the world of MOR!

Marshmallow Hand and Nail cream

The Fragrance 

Marshmallow is collectively orchestrated with Vanilla Musk and Jasmine Flower that gloriously rapture in this pretty, feminine fragrance. Sugar dipped Rose petals with White Carnation and Cotton Candy play beautifully to create a deliciously sweet perfume

Key Features 

- Contains Cocoa & Shea Butter for superior moisture
- Vitamin E & A nourish the skin
- Sesame Seed, Macadamia Oils soften the skin
- Sweet Almond Oil hydrates the skin
- Free of Parabens & Sulphates
- This product is not tested on animals

Marshmallow Eau De Perfume 

Super love it! it might smell too strong at first, but let it be..really!
After a while, the rosie and cottony candy scent start surfacing slowly.

Key feature

- Eau de parfum will last much longer than a Eau de toilette
- Pink Musk & Cotton Candy base notes
- Jasmine flower scent lingers throughout the day
- Can increase fragrance scent and longevity by layering with the Marshmallow Body Wash and Body Milk or Body Cream
- French crafted bottle
- This product is not tested on animals

Lychee Flower shower gel

The Fragrance 

Sparkling, sweet Lychee Flower unites with Ripe Berries, soft powdery Florals & the slightest hint of Green Forest Woods.

Key Features 

- Enriched with Jojoba Oil for superior moisture and protection
- Enhanced with Lychee Extract, a great source of Vitamin C which contains strong anti-aging properties
- Contains antioxidant-rich White Tea, Acai, Papaya and Passionflower Extracts to rejuvenate and improve the tone and texture of skin
- Contains hydrating and soothing Aloe Vera
- Infused with moisture-rich Sunflower, Castor Seed Oil and Vitamin E to smooth, protect and reinvigorate
- Free from Mineral oils, Parabens, Synthetic Dyes and Sulphates.
- Available in 5 memorable fragrances
- This product is not tested on animals

Italian Blood Orange

A luxurious Hand & Body Lotion enriched with Macadamia and Soybean Oils, Shea Butter and Vitamin E that leaves skin supple, whilst Olive Leaf Extract and Orange Oil calms and leaves skin delicately scented.

The Fragrance 

Ruby Red Italian Blood Orange, infused with soft summer floral notes of Jasmine, Rose & Lily of the Valley.

Key Features 

- Enriched with invigorating Orange Oil to cleanse and soothe the skin
- Enhanced with antioxidant-rich Olive Leaf Extract, which contains anti-aging properties to condition and protect
- Enhanced with skin regenerating Shea Butter, Macadamia Oils and Vitamin E for superior moisture and repair
- Complements the Emporium Classics Hand & Body Wash in Blood Orange
- Free from Mineral oils, Parabens, Synthetic Dyes and Sulphates.
- Available in 5 memorable fragrances
- This product is not tested on animals 

Available at Takashimaya level 3
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November 07, 2014

[Travel] Tokyo trip with Tokyo Luxey

Ollaaaaaa...I am back from Japan!

I still can't believe that I got a chance to visit Tokyo for the 2nd time this year. Thank you Tokyo Luxey!

This October, by far the busiest month of the year. It was started by preparing lil love 1st birthday party, then travelled to Jakarta to let lil love stay with his grands, then to flew back to Singapore, pack some stuff then off to Tokyo by Japan Airlines.

I took 2am flight from Singapore and reached Tokyo at around 10ish in the morning. I already freshen' up a lil and ready to roll with Chie-san. Chie Maeda, or Chie-san - this is how i call her, is the founder of Tokyo Luxey; you wanna know more about them, do click on the link and don't forget to sign up :)

I had few hours of free time before heading to my first meeting, so i decided to check BIC camera and UNIQLO collaborated store at Shinjuku. At BICULO (this is how the pronounce the store name), i found so many things, and almost everything is available over there but food. Bought hot pink Tiger bottle, some Uniqlo baby for lil love, and i finally bought baby G watch!!! Oh yeah, been wanting it for a looooong time..and i finally got it.

Then I headed to Ginza to meet Hiromi-san for my very first meeting with Fleur De Mer.

This  French seaweed based skincare is new in Japan and asia. They have been around only for around 2 years, but don't let the short existence fool you - because surely, this brand will come up and compete with the others.

We already knew that one particular brand that using seaweed as a based of the treatment, but the price tag makes me wanna sing " Never mind, I find someone like youuuu..." - from Adele. The good news is, that someone or i rather say something, is finally here! 

So, do check them out and show them some love, yeah?
Available to ship in in to Singapore by TOKYO LUXEY.

 I sample up their product and my skin love it! It's moisturizing in different level, and it is safe to use, even on my eczema skin. 

With Fleur De Mer team, I tried one signature cheese cake that contain an argan oil! This is to die for! 
Sooo... goood, omg! It's avalable on their La Balance cafe at Ginza.

It's nothing more better to start my day in Tokyo with good time, good product, and good food!

I am positive with the good start.


Next, is NAIL QUICK - appointment.

Can you believe this??? I got to do my nail in Japan? 
My nail cost ¥10.000 which is equivalent with US$100.
We all know that Japan manicure is expensive, and yet..many people still coming to the nail salon to do their nails.

I went to NAIL quick to check out their service, and why it cost way higher than the same service in other countries.

First of all, the location.
It's located near Roponggi area, which is one of the quite expensive area in Tokyo.
Secondly, when i first came - I was greeted by their PR person. I mean, whenever I was invited to Nail salon in Singapore..there is no PR person attend to me. I personally think, this is one of the selling point :)

Thirdly, the ambiance! The decor, the smell and the whole atmosphere here in NAIL QUICK is gorgeous.

The last and the most important thing to me was the service!
The nail artist is really QUICK! just as the shop name - NAIL QUICK, and in the same time very details and gentle. They speak a perfect English as well! I guess, there will be NO ISSUE for us foreigner to communicate with them.

They are very precise in making the nails as per my request, the color mixing, the color tasting on my nail - just to make sure I love the color, is really top notch service. I am pampered!

Now i know why people pay this much for nail care in Japan, it's because the manpower is amazing! Their skill is superb, the ambience, and their interpersonal skill goes directly on your face.

 The moment you entered the shop: you can immediately feel the skill- or at least, that's how i felt with NAIL QUICK.


Done with the meeting and nail, we off to ASAKUSA OTO for my welcome dinner. It's really a warm feeling inside my heart with Tokyo Luxey team, they actually can just let me to have dinner my own, but instead of that..they did a " KAMPAI " and " WELCOME TO TOKYO!!! " for me :)


It's located opposite ASAKUSA hotel.
Do drop by here and enjoy the food.

The food is yummy! The companion is awesome! 
So it's really a good night to end.

With Chie-san and Hiromi-san

SERIOUSLY - This is yummy.


The 2nd day, i gotta woke up pretty early for breakfast with ROYAL PARK HANEDA General Manager and the PR team. I pick my japanese breakfast to be my breakfast of the day. They have a lot of selection in the buffet serving, but ever since i am in Japan, let's explore the local food.

The range of the breakfast buffet is wide and they do have some western food as well, all guest surely leave this place with a happy tummy.

Shortly after, i was on hotel tour with the concept behind every details. It's pretty interesting to know that the hotel was built with aviator concept in mind. When i mean by details, it is a real details.

The concept of Royal Park Hotel - The Haneda is aviator.
Everthing is based on Aeroplance, globe, and travel..which is make sense, because the location of the hotel is at Haneda airport.

This is their gorgeous suite :)
and as you can see they incorporate the travelling idea into the decoration, like globes over the wall and the center piece of the table.

I got to stay in double room.
It's simple and pretty spacious for Japan hotel standard.

 They have complete amenities for your stay, so not to worry if you left your toothbrush at home.

The next agenda of the day is make up session with Nonomari Yanagi, she's the up and coming talented make up artist in Tokyo. She spent 4 years in USA building up her portfolio by working with some big name like snoop dog, Alexandra-Stan and Marie digby :) It's been a nice experience to meet people with the same interest.

As a make up artist myself, I know my face very well, and to let someone paint my face it's a bit worrying, because i know exactly how to enhance my face and the other party might not know how to do it best. But i guess, when the talented make up artist paint my face..I can assure myself that I look god, and I think I look fabulous!!

Thanks Nono-chan!

I feel instant connection with her, we just talk and talk and keep talking the whole session and more. 


After the make up session, we went to CBON outlet at Shinjuku to have a super comfortable facial.

At CBON, I was introduced to the range of their products.

 i had my face assestment - which is very important to know what kind of skin condition i have before i proceed to the facial. I have almost 0 wrinkle, pores, and lines! Which is a good news, but i have an EXTREME dryness! So, the experienced therapist picked the hydrating serum for me.

Off I went for the facial.

The facial section is decorated with lavender and white elements that bring the zen out in the middle of busy Shinjuku.

Me, ready for the facial :)

Cleaning the make up.

..and ready to enjoy :)

Don't ask me further about the facial, i felt asleep during mask time! It's so comfortable, and every pressure is hypnotic. Simply put it, amazing. It's just too bad, it's too far from Singapore or else, i'll be start making appointment with them. :)

The best of all, they have full range of cosmetics for me to use after the facial session, so i won't looking like I just woke up when i leave the outlet. :)

Best idea ever.

While we had our facial, Nono had her ear massage :)
It's first time for me to know about ear massage, and she said it's really relaxing.

This is me looking pretty decent after the facial! haha! 
Usually I literally look like I just got up. omg. hahaha.


On the 3rd day, I started my day with delicious tea time by Royal Park Hotel - The Haneda.
It's just a perfect day to have an afternoon tea. Me and le hubby enjoyed the moment and every serving of the lovely canapes :)

The sandwiches.

The sweet treat :)

The scones

Afterwards, I met Eri - right at Hachiko statue in Shibuya. Then we off to mall to check some Shibuya fashion week collection and off to HOKUHODO store. Omg, this store is full of amazing brush that comes with steep pricing, but still, i indulge myself to have a feel around them.

After that, we just stroll around Harajuku before we bid each other goodbye. It's really been a fruitful days in Tokyo with Tokyo Luxey team.

Once again, domo-arigato gosaimas Tokyo Luxey for this awesome experience!

2 years ago, when i first started blogging about beauty stuff - i didn't see my blogging life will bring me to places, events and even 2 consecutive year as WINNER of  SINGAPORE BEST BEAUTY BLOG - Singapore blog award. (2012 & 2013), but apparently this blog bring me so much more than that. 

I'm forever grateful with my readers support, my family understanding, and the opportunities I have in this blogging journey.
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