September 19, 2014

Luscious Cosmetics

I received this bundle of colorful makeup about a month ago, and I just have time to blog about it! Motherhood is surely run faster that the ticking clock. :)

Ok, now..without further due..I would like to Introduce to Luscious Cosmetics to YOU!

Founded in 2007, Luscious Cosmetics has gained a loyal following among celebrities, makeup artists and beauty addicts alike, attaining the status of one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the world. New and dynamic product launches keep us on the cutting-edge of the beauty industry, as each product is developed for high-performance results at par with premium beauty brands.
With a wide range of luxurious, yet affordable products ranging from basic to super-glam, we believe your beauty should be expressed as subtly or dramatically as you want. At Luscious there are no rules and no limits to create your own signature look. Our mantra: Celebrate Your Beauty!

Luscious products are strictly free of animal ingredients and never tested on animals. All lip products are alcohol free and are formulated for long lasting, vibrant color results that survive any climate.

Inspired by the vivacious spirit and beauty traditions of South Asia and the Middle East.
They strive to stay at the cutting edge of fashion to create niche products. They also work with the most sought after makeup artists and fashion icons to create shades that flatter and suit skin tones across all spectrums. 

Take a look on this collection they sent me :)

It's gorgeous!

On top of that, they sent me one beautiful sparkling face shimmer - Star light.
The texture is really light and oh so soft..

This shimmer powder has a nice glowing effect and I can imagine how beautiful this will be when I apply on my cheek and nose bridge.

The second this I received was this lipstick palette in red hue. One thing that interesting about this palette is they name the color with ladies name:

Swatching on my lips as below:






I LOVE all the colors. It's moisturized well on my lips, stay on pretty well and overall i was really surprised that with affordable price range - Luscious cosmetics could maintain the quality.

I will also share with you the swatches of the gorgeous eye shadow collection too; pardon the mess on the photo as I think the palette is slightly shaken during the shipment.
The Ather Shahzad has 48 eyeshadow colors in matte and shimmer, although the palette looks a bit messy in color arrangement - I still think the pigmentation is awesome and the color turns out really well.

Take a look at this:

It's quite nice right? I love it.

The palette comes with 4 blushes and 2 higlighter.
Honestly, one blush color is a little too strong for my liking, but maybe that is because i have a very fair skin. I don't think the right below color that close to red will look good on my NC 25 skin.
The rest of the colors is beautiful, all I need to is to apply it thinly and problem solved.

Luscious cosmetics is available in Singapore.
Do check their website HERE for more details.

'Till next time.
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September 03, 2014

How I cope with my stress :)

What do you do when you are under stress? Are you marching straight to your fridge and grab a bar of oh so delicious chocolate? Or are you run straight to your cookie jar and wipe all of them?

Me? I eat a whole bowl of Ramen or a full plate of yang chou fried rice! Basically it's a free day for carbs!! Which is bad and i finally found a better way to calm myself down during the stress period, and it works to keep my figure as well :)

If you are a caffein slave like I am, go for a great coffee or a cup of award winning tea to fill the caffeine intake.

For coffee, i pick nespresso capsule.
I love to drink it cold. All i do is just putting 2 cubes of sugar, nespresso capsule and a good cold milk.

For the tea, nothing beats TWG! And the newly found tes - Shanghai Tisanes.
Oooh, purely indulgence.

I love to indulge myself with a good shower too. Something lavenderish really works to calm my nerves down and give me a good sleep at night.

I recommend acca kappa in lavender, the range available in Takashimaya level 3.

I am also taking a booster from Centrum STRESStabs,

Who doesn't know Centrum? As reliable as Centrum supplement, Centrum Stresstabs is a high strength Vitamin B complex supplement containing all the necessary nutrients to provide one with energy to boost both mental and physical health. It's available in gender specific formulas that are tailored to meet specific needs of men & women; contains zinc for men and iron + folic acid for women.

Do you know that to help one cope with stress in the fast-paced modern society, Watsons and Pfizer has introduced the new STRESStabs, a high strength vitamin B complex supplement which contains all the necessary nutrients to provide one with energy to deal with hectic everyday life. With Vitamin B complex infused, this energy booster provides the body with nutrition support in times of stress by replenishing energy levels. Vitamin B Complex is required by the body to maintain and sustain optimal performance. It plays a key role in cell metabolism and are therefore critical for energy production in the body.

STRESStabs is available at selected Watsons stores. The item retails at S$26.75 for STRESStabs Men 60s and S$26.75 for STRESStabs Women 60s (prices are with GST).

Lastly, I am enjoying my time with Lil love. Every moment I spent with him takes me to another world where making him happy and healthy seems to be the ultimate goal.

This are my ways to help me coping with stress, you can try it to see if you are any better afterwards. :)

Stay happy!

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August 26, 2014

Biolee journey part 3 - Tuesday Treatment!

It's treatment time!

Do you have an acne marks that you wish to remove? or at least, making it appear sheerer than how it usually is? If you have, I would liek to recommend and Try this: 

Biolee Acnepris treatment serum.

This amazing serum is light and absorbs quickly into your skin, erasing stubborn acne marks. The amazing pine pollen extract is able to penetrate deeply into your skin to correct discoloration left behind by your past acne woes. You can soon bid your heavy concealer and thick foundation goodbye, and welcoming your clean face :)

The packaging is so compact and really one of the to go kind.
The texture is water based and it gives a cooling feel when you first apply it. It didn't clog my pores and it's light, so pretty much suit this Singapore humid weather. I think we all had enough of greasy texture for this forever sunny weather, and that is why I love this Biolee treatment Serum the most.

I use it on my face and neck every alternate days and looking forward to see the result.

Are you currently looking for this kind of treatment?
If you do, why don't you give this Biolee Acnepris treatment serum a shot?

Available at John Little Plaza Singapura and Marina Square
Go grab it!

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August 07, 2014

Lil Ethan is turning 10 months!

Cepet banget ya..perasaan baru sebentar lalu gw gundah galau mau brojolan, trus melow jelow gara2 ASI, dan sekarang gw uda komplen mulu sakit pinggang karena Ethan baby - yaolooo aktif bener.

Gw ga serajin mak mak yang laen nih, update baby per bulannya ada kemajuan apa..tapi so far Ethan uda berdiri, crawling, dan mulai ngomong , komplen, dan ngedumel pake bahasa baby. Ya menurut gw, cute banget. Walo kadang " ngomong apaan seh ntong? "

Lalu, gw notice..Ethan itu anak yang stubborn, kalo mau ya mau..dan dia mulai tau apa yang jadi hak dia. Misalnya dia uda tau snack dia, dan pas gw ambil satu gw makan, dia bisa ngeliat gw sambil ngerenyitin alis trus mukanya tuh bisa kayak " loh kok dimakan? Itu kan mine ". Sejak saat itu, gw selalu ngomong ke dia..can i have one? Ato ga, setelah gw kasih ke ambil satu and bilang " thank u for sharing it with me " - Sambil gw tarik tangan dia untuk masukin snack nya ke mulut gw :P

Moment favourite gw sama Ethan itu pas dia baru bangun bobo, kayak masi teler ngumpulin nyawa gitu, kadang ileran dan bermuka bantal..trus dia ngeliat gw masuk kamar en ngeliatin dia di baby crib, dia bakalan senyum sambil ngulet..dan mukanya - super adorable. 2 tangan ke atas neken Pipi sampe tumpah, badan ngeliuk ke belakang, mata bulet, kadang disertai kentut kecil. ^^

Trus trus bener ya quote yang bilang " you never know how much you can love, until you have a child ". Gw beneran ngerasain gw bisa sayang banget sama Ethan ini, a different kind kayak sayang ke Arip. Kalo misalnya Ethan sakit, gw bisa i wish gw yang sakit aja instead of him. Kalo sama bang Arip, ya kalo dia sakit..sini ta kasih obat dan dirawat - dan ga pengen juga sakitnya pindah ke gw. :)

Ini photo dibawah ini tuh pas sehari sesudah dia panas tinggi banget, batuk, pilek dan semaleman ga bobo, nangis sejem sekali, gw ma arip sampe teler jagainnya..dan untungnya itu pas weekend. Jadi Arip bisa bantuin jaga..kalo engga, mati deh gw.

Ethan so far, makannya gampang banget! Semoga gw ga jinx it yah.
Apapun yang disodorin ke mulutnya, pasti dia buka mulut en makan sambil sok " ngerasa- rasa " di mulutnya, dan kalo pas something yang dia rasa enak dan suka, ga pake lama..tangan gw langsung ditarik lagi buat masukin sendoknya ke mulut dia :)

Salah satu menu favourite dia tuh avocado and yogurt, pas uda abis..dia kekeuh minta containernya, dan dijilat jilat sisanya -_-'

Sejak gw stay at home, gw jadi sering maen ke supermarket deket rumah buat belanja, ato ga buat jalan jalan doang karena gw butek di rumah, dan si Ethan demen banget duduk di trolley begini sambil tangannya sibuk nyapu2in barang yg dijual.

Biasanya, pas pulang dari ntong lucu ini uda keburu molor sebelon sampe rumah.
Dan entah kenapa, muka baby kalo lagi bobo tuh angelic banget ya? tenang banget keliatannya..kayaknya ga ada beban gitu, makan, maen, bobo aja kerjaannya :)

Sejak Ethan uda mulai ngerangkak, gw ma bang Arip selalu nyempetin untuk bawa Ethan maen ke playgroung gratisan di mall mall :P . Abis kalo masuk Gymboree mahal banget yah, sekali dateng $50 jek..agak sayang kalo buat maen maen doang. Jadinya saban weekend, kita ke family mall kayak Vivocity, Paragon untuk ke playground begini.

Si Ethan ngerangkak nya itu aneh deh, kaki kiri pake lutut, kaki kanan pake telapak kaki..jadinya ogel ogel gitu kalo jalan, sambil setengah nungging :)

Trus ini hobi barunya, berdiri dengan kaki lebar sambil maen di coffee table, tapi ga lama dia nangis..karena ga bisa tarik kakinya buat berdiri tegak, dan capek kelamaan berdiri. Hahaha. 

Trus minggu lalu, Ethan ketemu cousin nya yang dari Pekanbaru - si koko Rey!
Rey ini anaknya cousin Arip - Irene. Dan omg lucu banget anaknya, trus very ke - koko - an..yang suka nanyain " Dede Ethan mana? " " Mama Ethan? " Papa Ethan? " Ngabsen ceritanya.

Kemaren kita ke Garden by The Bay - yang ternyata miskom dong sodara sodara, pas Irene bilang mo ke Garden by The Bay, gw bilang ikutan deh sekalian bawa si ntong jalan jalan kesana. Tenang tenang aja dong kita sante sante makan di MBS sampe jam 9 baru jalan ke arah Garden By The Bay, dan ternyata Irene + Hendrik ( The husband ) beli tiket buat ke flower dome yang ternyata tutupnya jam 9 malem dong!!

Jadinya kita ada 2 tiket flower dom nih, sapa yang niat pergi ke sana..sini aku mo jualin tiket mereka yang ga kepake itu :) kontek kontek daku yah kalo berminat.

Sekian update ku! 
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