January 25, 2015

[Beauty Review] Make Up Store Collection!

Happy New year 2015!

I am opening this year my Make Up Store collection :)
This range has been one of my favourite line ever and it's going to continue to be.

I Love playing with make up (Like D'oh!!), especially with things that has to do with my eyes, so when I picked up this eyeshadow from the previous collection..I am beyond thrilled to try out the range. - I actually have a video tutorial on how to do this look, but for some alien reason, my disk was corrupted and I couldn't find my way to recover it (yet)! So for now, I'll be sharing with you the look I created with one of this lovely collection of eyeshadow.

I have a monolid and am a type that lazy to do multi color for daily look. I want it to be quick and yet sophisticated and elegant. So, if you like the look I created below...


Al you need to do is pick up a blending brush and swipe it in 1/2 circle kind of shape up to your crease. Continue by drawing a thick line of eyeliner, and finished it up with multiple coat of mascara or faux lashes like mine :)

When I play a lot on the eyes area, i tend to tone down the lips to the nude range and keep it alive with a little hint of gloss. 

Hope my simple daily look will help you to create a quick and easy make up to run your day.
Make up stuff doesn't have to be freaking expensive, if you pick up a good quality brand like Make Up Store Singapore..it will do your face awesome, and your bank account will thank you!

So, let's a wonderful year ahead and keep your smile!
Because you never know who will fall in love with it  YOU ARE A HAPPY PERSON!

Visit MAKE UP STORE boutique at
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December 24, 2014

Trip ku ke Hakone - Japan..

Hakone is definitely one of my favourite place to go in Japan!

Waktu bang Arip bilang kl kita bakal ke hakone, gw yang " heh? " ada apa coba disono? Dan dijawab " onsen. " ma bang Arip. Gw bukan penggemar onsen sama sekali, jadi waktu tau tempatnya terkenal onsen..gw jadi yang niat ga niat gitu kesananya. Tapi yasudala, niat ati kan mo explore jepun ya.

Kita naek kereta namanya " Romance Car ", ntah napa juga dinamain gitu..ga ada romance romance nya sama sekali padahal. 

Gw bawa majalah ini dari SG, buat bekel bacaan di Jepang. Btw, majalah Glamour ini bagus yah..gw demen banget cara editornya nulis, dan gw feel ke-inspired banget sama artikel artikel mereka.

Oh ini, bekel satu lagi buat di Jalanan..rasanya mirip banget sama kue sus kawin silang sama papa beard dan yah..yaoloooo enak banget!! 

YUMMY to the max.

Sesampenya di Hakone, kita ketemu bunga sakura cantik macam gini..hampir sepanjang jalan ke hotel kita gitu. It's pink and it's pweety :)

Ini hotel kita :)

Cantik abis kamarnya, trus dapet dinner pula.
So far, ini kamar terluar dr semua hotel yang pernah kita tinggal di Jepang, walo termasuk kecil banget untuk ukuran suite.

Kita ambil hotel ini karena pengen nyobain onsen, tapi eke ga pede ber " i see you, you see me " an beramai ramai di onsen umum bo. Bingung itu anduk segede lap meja mo buat tutupin seimprit badan ato muka :D hahaha. Jadilah kita ambil kamar dengan private onsen ini :)

One thing yang gw inget about Hakone, ini tempat DINGIN MAMPUS di spring.
Beneran sampe menggigil yang bikin badan gw jd numb gitu loh, agak kapok deh gw - dan buat yang mo pergi ke Hakone pas spring bawa baju thermal deh. Jangan kayak daku :(

Oh well, ini photo gw pajang karena lightingnya bagus aja at that moment. :)

Salah satu alesan kita ke Jepang April lalu itu untuk ngerayain 3rd anniversary daku dengan bang Arip. To the one that forever hold my heart, the best partner in life that could understand the unique me, and the best daddy for our little family that I could ask for. Looking forward to spend many more years to come..and grow old together.


Sekarang, MARI MAKAN!!!
Aku orang ndeso yang ga pernah makan makanan model gini, kok sayuran di Jepang bisa enak gini sih? Beneran bisa deh diet kl model sayurannya macam ini.

The rest of the photos ini semua makanan yang the i ever tasted di Hakone!

Kenyang. Puas. Mau lagi.


The next day, kita harus balik lagi ke Tokyo, akhirnya cuman jalan jalan aja sambil poto poto dan makan es krim :)

Es krim ku rasa SAKURA, dan ada daonnya dong :)

Sekian Hakone adventurenya, 'till we meet again!

Time to go back to Tokyo.

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December 19, 2014

[Beauty Review] Salon styling for lashes!

First time hearing that? Me too!
Because it is for the very first time our lashes could join the styling department with Salon de Cara.

When I received this items, i must say that I beyond excited to try out this brand. I know that Clio eyeliner is one of my favourite, but I am quite picky about a good mascara. Do you wanna know what I think about this brand? Read up!

The first mascara that I tried is 001 Hair Roll Cara

Honestly, this one is slightly heavy to my lashes. Slightly clump together..but it gives the most WOW factor on my lashes. It's thicken, and darken my lashes by almost 300%..no kidding!

The second one is 002 Roll Brush Cara

I love how the brush work on separating my lashes without clumps and how it gives the volume on my almost none lashes. I always love Maybelline mascara, but now I think this one goes to my favourite bucket as well.

The third one and definitely my favourite!
003 Finger Cara

Super like this one!

somehow it has the fiber inside the wand that makes my lashes goes longer and longer..at first i thought it was my lashes dropped in the want, but when i keep loking at it..it's not my lashes, instead it's the additional secret in this favourite tube to give some extension on lashes.

Pure genius!

All in all, I would say I love this newly found Mascara, it just somehow made for asian eyes, and it works. Especially if you damn short lashes like mine, this wand gives you hope :)
Although it's not a magic..but it does appear like one :)

This is my lashes look like on this 3:

If you are not sure which one to pick, follow the guideline below here, and I hope you enjoy the fun of playing with mascara. 

Retailing at $24.90 at selected Watson stores.

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